Marketing 202

Best Media Channels For Your Budget

Social Media Options

Facebook:  No doubt that Facebook gets millions of viewers and participants every day and for some businesses, they can get visibility on the channel.  As for transactions that is a different story.  The overwhelming majority of Facebook users do not go to the site for commercial or purchasing reasons.

Know what your goal is:  Do you want customers?  Build your brand?  Drive links to your website?  Create likes and engagement?  Or All of the Above.

You need to establish a budget of what you want to spend, where to run your ad, and who you want to target.  Facebook is great at making this simple for beginners.  It is also CRITICAL to have an attention getting ad that will attract visitors.

Info on their ad programs is at      

Facebook Advertising Guide

Virtual Bagel Video about Facebook Ads

Facebook Brand Pages

Pinterest –  81% of users are women

Advertising is new to Pinterest but with their pay for results model it can be cost effective.   Pinterest Ad Info

You can target ads  based on gender, location, and device, as well as keywords and interests.

Advertising Standards

  • Be authentic.Promote content that expresses who you really are and what you actually offer.
  • Promote Pins that make you proud.Your ads should be some of the best stuff people see on Pinterest.
  • Don’t promote spam or other bad stuff.People should be safe from that on Pinterest.
  • Obey applicable laws and regulations.Keep it legal.

You bid on actions that are of value to you.  Lower bids means your ads won’t show up as often as a competitor

Advice on producing Pinterest Layouts

Twitter –   What are the goals?  Promote your brand?  Tweet Engagements, or Website Conversions? 

Their model is a pay per click program.    You then set a cost-per-conversion.  You choose gender, location, and have option for devices too.

You set the daily budget.     How to Best Advertise on Twitter

Local Resources

Lakewood Observer  –   As little as $120 for one time ad   10,000 circulation every other week

Other markets are also available Parma, Collinwood, Westlake/Bay Village  etc.